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The discreet brace fixed to the inside surface of your teeth

Lingual braces consist of brackets and wires that are attached to the inside surface of your teeth. The bracket system is custom made to the shape and position of your individual teeth. So not only can this fixed brace behind your teeth work faster than traditional braces, but it is also largely hidden from view! 


We take a scan to identify the exact position and requirements of every tooth and create a unique bracket for each one. The brace is then fixed to the inside face of your teeth and is worn continuously. Sometimes called incognito braces, lingual braces are as discreet as clear removable retainers while still being effective for moderate to severe correction.

  • Metal brackets and wires creating a fixed brace hidden away from view on the tongue side (lingual) of your teeth.
  • Individually custom-made from a digital impression of your teeth.
  • Perfect for correcting alignment and bite issues.
  • Sturdy metal structure out of harm’s way during physical activities.
  • No marks left on the front of your teeth.



Girl wearing lingual dental braces

How do lingual braces compare?

While traditional braces can be bulky, irritating and very noticeable, braces inside your teeth are invisible to others. They are perfect for self- conscious teenagers and adults who prefer their orthodontic treatment not to be visible. They are a popular choice for athletes and musicians who don’t want a brace to get in the way.


Unlike removable retainers, lingual braces can’t be misplaced or forgotten to be replaced. They offer trouble-free continuous correction, discreetly out of the way from whatever your lifestyle throws at them. Nobody need know about your treatment, as your smile gradually looks better and better.

  • Very discreet and almost impossible to see.
  • Perfect for customer-facing roles and being “on show”.
  • Nothing attached to the front of your teeth.
  • Maximum self-esteem during treatment – it’s your secret.
  • Correction of moderate and severe alignment and bite issues.

Check out the cost of lingual braces

Alternatives to lingual braces include: Traditional Metal Braces, Ceramic Braces and Invisalign Invisible Braces


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Invisalign Open Day February 26

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